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RaNi’s Research Endowed Fund

The Mission

Fund the development of pioneering approaches to help people regain their speech and language using Mathematics, Hindi, or Sanskrit.

The Rationale

There is a Hindu concept that asserts that when someone loses the ability to speak, it is because the Other Side doesn’t want to reveal what that person is seeing. Prof. Chaitan P. Gupta experienced this during the last three days of his life.

However, with the assistance of his speech therapist, he was able to reveal to his family what he was seeing on the last day of his life. His last few spoken words in both English and Hindi provided immeasurable consolation to his family.

While Prof. Chaitan P. Gupta’s death experience subscribed to Hindu philosophy, there are many who lose their ability to speak (due to stroke or accident, for example) who are otherwise healthy and able.  This silenced group is growing in numbers with the aging of the US population in general and the aging of the Indian-American community in particular.

Prof. Chaitan P. Gupta was one of the first to immigrate to the United States from India. He is also one of the first Indian-Americans to live his last day in the United States. Working with the UNR Foundation, the Gupta Family has established RaNi’s Research Endowed Fund to help those who experience Prof. C.P. Gupta’s verbal setback yet otherwise remain firmly in this world, in our country.

RaNi’s Research Endowed Fund will be used by UNR researchers to develop pioneering ways to help people regain their speech and language using Mathematics, Hindi, or Sanskrit. These three ancient languages may hold the key to compensate for lost speaking and/or recover speech and language that suddenly becomes inaccessible. These three languages could serve as the means for the human brain to rewire around damaged parts.

Very little research has been done around this approach and even less has made it to medical practice. RaNi’s Research Endowed Fund is an entity to change that by focusing on nurse’s direct interactions with speech debilitated patients (hence the capitalized 'R' and 'N' in 'RaNi') as well as the next generation of speech therapists who are willing and able to adopt new rehabilitation techniques that use mathematics as well as the languages of India.

If you learned even one thing from Professor Chaitan P. Gupta, if you know someone whose thoughts are trapped in their mind, if you would like to follow Professor Chaitan P. Gupta one last time, if you are someone who wishes to see the medical community in the United States develop deeper connections and understanding of Indian culture, or if you are someone who has as much (or more) affection and respect than Prof. C.P. Gupta for those in the nursing profession, join us and become part of RaNi’s Research Endowed Fund.    

Individual gifts of any amount, when combined, will help support research at one of the levels below:

Diamond: $1 million Endowment (~$45,000 per year in perpetuity)
Gold: $500,000 Endowment (~$22,500 per year in perpetuity)
Silver: $100,000 Endowment (~$4500 per year in perpetuity)
Blue: $10,000 Endowment (~$450 per year in perpetuity)

When making a gift by credit card, please note that a processing fee and a transaction fee equal to the amount charged by the credit card processor will be deducted from your donation.  This does not affect the tax deductibility of your total gift, but it does reduce the total funds available in the fund you are supporting.   No fees apply when your donation is made by check.

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